Shaping what it means to be a sports fan in the 2020s

We're Betty Labs, a fast-growing, forward-leaning team of designers, engineers, product thinkers, and sports fans focused on creating ground-breaking live experiences. Our latest product, Locker Room, is a new type of audio-only platform for sports fans and insiders. As we prepare for Locker Room's launch, we're looking to add to our core team. Let's connect and find out how we can work together.

👋 Who we are

🏗 What we're doing

We’ve collectively built world-class products at Facebook, Apple, and TikTok, and we're backed by firms like Google Ventures and Lightspeed and athletes like Kevin Durant and Andre Iguodala. Our most recent product (Sideline) is a real-time prediction game that makes live sports more exciting, accessible, and interactive.

Building Sideline taught us a ton about sports fans and what they crave in their consumption experiences. One thing in particular jumped out to us: the most important part of sports fandom isn’t watching or attending games, it’s talking about sports (games, news, rumors, trades) with other fans you care about. There's no product purpose-built to meet this need. That's where we come in.

Sideline: Never watch sports alone

Sideline lets fans get more out of live sports. Real-time, prediction-based questions turn even the most boring moments of NBA and NFL games into exciting opportunities to put your sports knowledge to the test, climb the leaderboard, and win cash. Meanwhile, live social and chat features make Sideline a space for fans to react in real time to big plays and important moments.

Locker Room: Live conversations and content for sports fans

On Locker Room, sports fans can listen to and join real-time, audio-only conversations about the sports, leagues, teams, and topics they care about. Whether they're listening to the most plugged-in insiders or dropping hot takes with other fans, Locker Room is a unique platform for exclusive, interactive content around breaking news, live events, and trending topics.

🧬 What it's like to work here

First things first — we're fully remote at the moment. Our office space is right in the middle of Los Angeles; the future of coworking at Betty Labs probably looks like a flexible in-office schedule, and that works best if we're all in LA. But our return to coworking is TBD! In the meantime, we sync on Zoom and through Slack, and we check in throughout the week to stay connected and supported.

We think creativity and collaboration drive innovation and success. We believe everyone should be empowered to own their work and find creative solutions, but also that product thinking is not something that should be siloed into one team or role. We think you actually can build a better mousetrap; it just takes a team of brainstormers and critical thinkers.

We're facing some unique challenges, but we're tackling them by working hard, smart, and fast. And we like to think we have some fun while we do it.

🤝 Where you come in

We're growing quickly. We recently raised our Series A, and we're primed to add key members to our team. Whether you're a designer, an engineer, or a content wizard, we're looking for driven, creative collaborators who are excited by the opportunity to be early leaders on a tight-knit team. If that sounds like you, check out our open roles below, and let's talk!

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